MGSD Summer Institute

I have found a new, really cool, technology tool! has a lot of potential!  I used it over the past two weeks to organize my presentations. 

Using technology tools, I wanted to challenge my teachers to reach for the upper levels of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Even though some tools are better suited to reaching these levels, the use of a tool does not get you there.  The same tool can be used for remembering, or for creating.  Teachers must craft the assignment to reach whichever level is desired. 

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MGSD Summer Connection

The Mooresville Graded School District Summer Connection began today.  We have welcomed over 300 teachers from across the country.  It was inspiring this morning to hear students from different grade levels describe their learning experiences.

Four intermediate school-aged students shared how their teacher challenges them to complete projects without much direction.  Their teacher forces them to think outside the box to design their own learning.

A middle school student shared how the use of technology allowed him to “catch-up” and increase his motivation to succeed in school.

A former Mooresville High School student described his travels as a college student and how Mooresville, with the use of digital learning strategies, has allowed him to understand how technology can have a positive impact on students from around the world.

I am very excited to present tomorrow and learn from the participants in my sessions.

DENSI 2012

Meeting the DEN Director, Lance Rougeux

I had the pleasure of attending the Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute.  Having just returned home, my head is spinning with all the cool new stuff I have learned!  I am excited to be able to share these tools with my colleagues once school begins.

At DENSI, I was able to meet other STAR educators!  Their enthusiasm and commitment to students has inspired me to learn more and share with others.  I want to use this blog to share the great things I have learned and the fabulous things our students are doing!

One tool that I really enjoyed was  This is a great way to organize web resources to share in your classroom, at a conference, or just in categories.  I am working on my first for an upcoming presentation.  Check it out at