Our Scars

It continues to amaze me how scars remain.  Not the physical ones, but the emotional.

While attending a conference I bumped in to someone from my past.  This person was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  As a relatively new teacher I was naive and confided in her about my fears and shortcomings.  I later found she was undermining me and reporting all this to the principal.  While that was many years ago and I had forgotten about many of the details, seeing this person again created an influx of emotions.

It made me think about the scars we leave as teachers.  What things do we say or do that cause students to be scarred?  How do we minimize, or eliminate, those scars?  We need to think about how the small things we say and do affect our students.  I recently tweeted “When you say “it doesn’t matter” – does it really not matter or does it not matter to you? #perspective.”

I have pondered this thought for a while, and my encounter yesterday brought it up again.   Let’s minimize those scars we create!


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