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The New School Year

I remember many “first days” throughout my life!  There is an anticipation that comes when school is about to begin.  I have always been excited about the first day of school.  That feeling of putting on brand new clothes, carrying a new lunch box, and a new trapper keeper to help with my organization (we didn’t have bookbags when I was a kid!).  It is a feeling that I wish we could bottle, and reopen in, say, February!

This year holds a different feeling.  While I am still so excited, I am a little anxious.  I have spent the past 16 years anticipating not only my first day, but that of my sons as well.  This year my youngest begins his last, first day of school.  His senior year!  Wow!  While I know he will go on to college and have other beginnings, this is the last one that I will be there to witness.

So whether you are beginning, or beginning to see the end – I hope your new school year is better than you could dream!  I hope you believe in your colleagues, your administration, the parents, but mostly, your students!  They too are looking forward to a new beginning.  They are full of excitement and anxiety, hope and fear.  Remember how you feel on that first morning, take some notes, enjoy each moment, and remember that you only have 180 days to touch these students until they move on to the next grade, or until graduation. 

Good luck to all of you this year and a special wish goes out to the Class of 2013!

MGSD Summer Institute

I have found a new, really cool, technology tool! has a lot of potential!  I used it over the past two weeks to organize my presentations. 

Using technology tools, I wanted to challenge my teachers to reach for the upper levels of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.  Even though some tools are better suited to reaching these levels, the use of a tool does not get you there.  The same tool can be used for remembering, or for creating.  Teachers must craft the assignment to reach whichever level is desired. 

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